How MissAdventure Came To Be...

Haly Heading to Sydney

Did you know MissAdventure originally started as a TV show?  It followed me (Caroline) and my best friends, Tahria and Laura as three ordinary Aussie girls seeking out the world's most exhilarating experiences. Unfortunately after being picked up by one of the world's largest brands, it was let go at the last minute and never made the airwaves... bummer.

You can watch the rather old school trailer here:

I was totally heartbroken, we'd come so close and I kept wondering what to do with this awesome community that had formed to support everything MissAdventure stood for but then it happened... (and I have one man to blame! A guy called Josh Adam - yup publicly outing you!)

.. A year or so ago Josh, a father of 3 young daughters from rural Queensland reached out to tell me they had been following our MissAdventures on social media after seeking out some body/lifestyle positive role models for his girls and that my adventures had been inspiring them to get outside, explore and adventure in their own backyards...

That relationship became on-going, the girls and I would swap adventure stories most weeks, talk about our goals and celebrate our successes and it culminated in me (with the help of Josh) realising that MissAdventure should be geared toward empowering young girls having seen first hand the positive impact it was making and the stressors our girls are facing today.

It culminated in a pretty special weekend where the girls flew to Sydney and we spent the days swimming, hiking, sailing and adventuring. Watching the girls partake in their adventures, we saw them overcome any fears and apprehensions they had, get to know their bodies, appreciate them for being more than what they look like and forge resilience in the face of failure. They showed up with enthusiasm every moment and it totally rocked my world. 

It was through our discussions, pondering and the girls endless encouragement that we decided to pivot the whole brand and relaunch in the form you see today.

So here's to you  Lori, Bree & Haly - getting to know you girls has totally inspired me to bring the message of MissAdventure to young girls like you because I know that "Adventure is the Answer" 

We also acknowledge that parents are looking for a way to raise brave balanced girls, dads (& mums) are looking for new ways to connect with their daughters, everyone is stressed about digital balance and issues of self worth, body image, nutrition etc so we decided it had to be more than just adventures but also discussions to help us all (kids and parents alike) navigate the weird, superficial, social media induced world of today so MissAdventure is for them too. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas and what you think would most benefit your girls too so please comment or feel free to message me.

What a special adventure we are on now...
With Dirty Feet & Salty Hair - Caroline xx

PS Nice tshirts :P


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