Meet the MissAdventurers

Looking for peer role models?
We are putting together a collective of REAL girls, getting out there & getting amongst it, inspiring us all to do the same..


The Original MissAdventure Ambassadors

...Not very long ago, a father of 3 young daughters reached out to me to share that his girls had been following my adventures on social media after seeking out some body/lifestyle positive role models somewhere in a sea of bikini clad selfies.
Inspired, by their own initiative and their own terms they were getting outside, exploring and adventuring in their own backyard... They overcame fears, experienced the power and strength of their bodies - appreciating them for being more than what they look like - and are forging amazing resilience as they learn new skills. 

Meet, Haly, Bree & Lori - The First Miss Adventure Ambassadors

Haly,AGE 7

From Chinchilla in Queensland, Australia

Haly Mountain Climbing

From Haly

"I like going on adventures because I get to see and learn new things. I love climbing mountains and riding bikes through trails.
Even though my legs and butt get sore, I still love doing it! I think kids should watch less TV and get outside and play because it's good for our bodies - I learnt this from MissAdventure"

Bree, Age 9

From Chinchilla in Queensland, Australia

Bree on the Ferry


"I just love the freedom of the outdoors and the fresh air. I love to climb too. I really love the peg pole challenge at my home. It's a pole with strong screws drilled into it. We climb up and down against a clock. 
From this I learnt that most things are hard at first but you get better the more times you give it a go. I also learnt that I am not afraid of heights!"

Lori,  Age 11,

From Chinchilla in Queensland, Australia



"I love any adventures. Especially the ones with my family it makes it 10x better! But if I had to choose one favourite I would probably choose horse riding. I love having the relationship with horses. They make me feel calm...ok most of the time!
Horses can take you on adventures like the beach, paddocks or mountains, the options are endless!"

The MissAdventurers

Stella, Aged 8
From Boulder, Colorado, USA

Stella Mason_MissAdventurer
Stella loves kayaking_MissAdventurer

From Stella, 

"I love to do adventures so much but most of all I like to ride my bike and all different kinds of boats, like canoeing and kayaking. My bike makes me feel excited to be on the road and trails. I love to climb rocks and do other crazy adventures too. Adventuring makes me feel strong and is full of surprises and it taught me to believe in myself!"

From ocean grove, victoria, australia

Andi .JPG

From Andi

Andi Skating

“My favourite adventure so far was sailing the Whitsundays with my family. My favourite things to do are surf, skate, motorbike, run, travel, swim & sail.
From trying out lots of different fun activities I’ve learnt that I feel happiest when I’m doing things I love”
Nominated by Nicole: “Andi is a great role model as she always open minded to trying new things and gives new adventures a shot rather than thinking she won’t like something before she’s even tried it”

Sanoa, Aged 13,
From Tofino, BC, Canada

Sanoa Passion Olin_Surfing
Sanoa_Snowboarding tubes

Oceanna, Aged 13
From Shellcove, NSW, Australia

MissAdventurer Oceanna Rogers
Oceanna ripping_MissAdventurer

From Oceanna,

"I love adventure because of the amazing experiences you get from your journey. My favourite adventures are going to Hawaii for a surf trip and going to Fiji for a family trip. Those trips taught me what their lifestyle is like and how beautiful our world really is"

Emi Coates, Aged 12
From Sydney, Australia

Emi Coates Surfer

from emi

Emi Coates Skating

“I love adventure because to me it means being outdoors, hanging out with friends and laughing. My favourite adventures are going to Bali trying to find new surf spots. I love to rock climb and have fun and surf. Adventure has taught me that I have guts to do stuff and taught me to be brave and don’t give up”

Emi Coates


“My name is Sanoa Passion Olin… I’ve been surfing since I was 4 and love everything about it. I love adventure because an adventure is not a planned journey, it comes unexpected and takes you to places you never would have gone, to places that teach you things you never would have learnt. You laugh and smile and when you see the person you went on this adventure with, it brings back memories.

Adventure has taught me to go into every moment with an open mind and not to try to force a plane because then you can’t fully enjoy and take in every moment of the experience.

Being a surfer and loving my family with my whole heart, there’s nothing better than being out in the water with your whole family surfing and laughing with all of the trees, the clear, cold water and just the feeling of riding down a wave.”


Lara, Aged 13,
Sydney Australia

“Hi my name is Lara, I am 13 years old and I love skating and adventuring. I live in Sydney Australia.

Lara Overdijk_MissAdventurer

I love adventure because you meet new people, explore new cultures, make new friends and mostly have so much fun. I also love a new adventure because you have no idea where you are going in, you also then have no expectations.

The adventures I love are the ones with my family. Every year my family goes on 6-7 day hikes. We have to bring and carry everything ourselves.

Adventure has taught me to take in the moment because it won’t last long.
I love skating because if you fall over you’ve got to stand back up and try again. Skating has shown me persistence and courage”

Katia, Aged 11, Sydney AustraliA

My name is Katia and I’m 11 years old from Sydney Australia/Seoul Korea.

I love adventure because it makes me feel invincible.

The adventures I love are trapeze and snowboarding

Adventure has taught me to be brave and come out of my comfort zone”



Meet some Mini MissAdventurers

Real Ruby
Intrepid Chloe
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